Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area, or in short SIMCA, is the first privately managed marine conservation area in Sabah, Malaysia. Measuring at 46,317 hectares, the area includes three islands of Lankayan, Billean and Tegapil, and surrounding water, shallow coastal reefs, seagrass beds and sandy bottom.

SIMCA had been gazetted on 3rd December 2001 as a Category II Conservation Area under The World Conservation Union (IUCN) Protected Area Management Category, which specifies that it is to be protected and managed to preserve natural condition and to provide recreational opportunities.

Situated within high marine biodiversity Coral Triangle, SIMCA is home to at least 500 species of fishes, 2 species of sea turtles, 26 species of seagrasses and algae, 7 species of giant clams, and countless other marine life.

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